About the Integrity Business Institute


The Integrity Business Institute was created by Jerry Colangelo and GO Media Cos.’ CEO and Community leader Gregg Ostro in response to an urgent need to help bring Integrity into the forefront of every business and organization. Colangelo and Ostro have been working together since 1989.

The mission of the Integrity Business Institute is to help cultivate integrity throughout any organization via executive workshops and presentations, employee events, video and web-based interactive tools.

Colangelo has presented on Integrity as a part of the Merchants Information Solutions* Integrity Tour. He spoke to grad students and visiting business executives at Thunderbird, Eller and W. P. Carey business schools. Well over 50% of attendees at the Integrity presentations said they saw co-workers NOT operating with Integrity.

[*Colangelo is a national spokesperson for Merchants Information Solutions with a focus on the highly regarded pre-employment screening tool, the Merchants Integrity Test. The company's CEO is Russ Johnson]